Willing To Know More About Forestiere Underground Gardens?… Well, Read On Then!

Willing To Know More About Forestiere Underground Gardens?... Well, Read On Then!

In this vast world where every place is a treasure of so much beauty, culture, art forms, monuments, places etc., travelling is bound to be one of the most loved activities. Many people love to travel a lot as it opens up the perspectives by familiarizing them with the new place with its hidden treasures exploring which could be a great source of knowledge and fun. One such place which has become a point of attraction for many is the Forestiere Underground Gardens situated in California.

So, if you are also willing to explore this historical destination in California and understand the history of this place, read on to know more about it.

Willing to know more about Forestiere Underground Gardens?... Well, read on then!

About Forestiere Underground Gardens

The Forestiere Underground Gardens is a series of subterranean structures bound to awe-inspire you with its sight. They are located at 5021 West Shaw Avenue in the city named Fresno in California. These structures were created by a person named Baldasare Forestiere over a period of about 40 years, beginning from 1906 to his death in the year 1946. He was an immigrant from Sicily, and his family now handles the operations of this place after his death.

Though built with the idea that can serve as a need to create these underground structures to beat the heat typical in the city of Fresno, it indeed evolved as a masterpiece that turned out to be a spectacular example of vernacular architecture. Baldasare seems to have drawn his inspiration to build these structures from the Roman catacombs that fascinated him a lot. These structures span over 10 acres and comprise many different divisions like a winter bedroom, a summer bedroom, a functional kitchen, a parlour with a fireplace, a bath, and a fish pond.

This structure has also bagged designations in its name. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and registered as number 916 on the California Historical Landmarks list.

Dimensions of these structures

The Forestiere Underground Gardens structures are divided into three levels with different dimensions. Level first of the structure is 10 feet deep, the second level is 20 feet deep, whereas the third level is about 23 feet deep from the surface. These dimensions with three levelled structures comprise 65 rooms as part of its architecture built in such a manner to ensure direct airflow in all of it.

Willing to know more about Forestiere Underground Gardens?... Well, read on then!



These underground structures are undoubtedly a treasure when looking at them from the perspective of Horticulture. Some trees stand firm despite being 100 years old for it being built in such a manner that they are protected from the frost during winters. Apart from this, it is also a home for many fruits like citrus, berries, jujube etc., from the trees that are grafted thoughtfully to bear multiple varieties of fruits. There are many trees and vines as well, which blooms in succession for years on the dwellings. All of it makes it a rich place for horticulture.