What is the Forestiere Historical Center ?

"God only knows what has kept the Gardens this long.  I
think if it were not for the visitors, we would not have been
able to make it this far.  How can one destroy or exploit the
work this man has done?  Cannot the strength and purity
of a person’s work survive in our age? Certainly we, at this
period of history, desperately need examples of man’s
simple capacity to achieve with only the mind and body
God has given us.”
                                Lorraine Forestiere
                     May 14, 1932 - September 21, 2012
California Registered
Historical Landmark
No. 916

A Fresno County and
City Historical Site

Listed on the National
Register of Historic
Forestiere Historical Center
Forestiere Underground Gardens
10 Years Old!
Since 1906
A multitude of stories from numerous sources has been written about the Underground Gardens since
Forestiere began his grand project in 1906.  Newspaper accounts go back as far as 1923 to present times.
recently the Forestiere Underground Gardens have been featured in
The New York Times (2006), The Los
Angeles Times (2004), Sunset Magazine (1999), Home and Garden Television (HGTV), Huell Howser's
California Gold (1995), Via AAA Magazine, and more recently, Strange Inheritance (Fox 2018).
  And of course,
past and present local gossip has added much to Baldassare Forestiere’s mystique.

But not all the information that has been viewed, written, or heard is accurate. The Forestiere Historical Center is
an information clearinghouse that separates fact from fiction, and preserves the historical integrity of  Baldassare
Forestiere and his creation. The Ric Forestiere family continues to research the life and times of Baldassare
Forestiere as evidenced by Ric Forestiere’s trip to Sicily in 1999, where he visited his late uncle’s now-deserted
home town of Filari, in the Messina Province. His discoveries there and his remembrances of the times he spent
with his uncle are soon to be published.

The Center is also striving to produce mementos such as postcards, posters, booklets, videos, etc., since
visitors often ask for a keepsake of their visit.  These items will only be available on site at the Underground
Gardens, or by request through the Center’s Web site at a later date. A modest plan for a small photo gallery and
a visitor center underground is also in the works.

Forestiere Historical Center is independently owned and operated by Lyn Forestiere Kosewski, one of
Baldassare Forestiere’s great nieces, and the daughter of the Gardens' owner, Ric Forestiere.  The Center is a
separate business entity from the Forestiere Underground Gardens, and is Lyn's contribution to the family
Forestiere Historical Center
Information and Publications Source
for the Forestiere Underground Gardens
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Underground Gardens
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The Forestiere Historical Center is the authorized provider of information and
publications for the Forestiere Underground Gardens of Fresno, California,
a family-owned site for over 100 years!
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