What is meant by “weather permitting.”

Because this is an outdoor environment, the Underground Gardens reserves the right to close without
notice due to inclement weather or repairs and maintenance. This means that if it rains the day before or
the day of your planned visit, tours may be canceled or discontinued until the grounds dry out, or repairs
and maintenance are completed. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. If circumstances change,
updates will be posted on this web site and page.

Bringing Children

Children of all ages love to explore our underground world here. So for maximum safety and enjoyment for families with children, please read the following:

Children should stay close to their parents at all times so they do not get lost. Parents should make suren youngsters don’t climb on planters or furnishings either so that they don’t get hurt.

Strollers and Front packs

Because the site has narrow passageways and small rooms, it is not able to comfortably accommodate strollers. It is asked that any children who cannot walk on their own be carried by their parent in a front pack (not a backpack).