Forestiere Historical Center

A multitude of stories from numerous sources has been written about the Underground Gardens since Forestiere began his grand project in 1906. Newspaper accounts go back as far as 1923 to present times.

Amazing Underground Sights & Wonders

stonework provides stability and beauty. But unlike the dark catacombs that protected the remnants of the lifeless, Forestiere designed well-lit courtyards and grottos to bring forth the radiance and vitality of life.


Ground in hot, wooden,  “sweat boxes.”  His unique home included a parlor with fireplace, a summer and a winter bedroom, a courtyard with a bath and a fish pond.


IT IS said that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Every twist and turn throughout this delightful underground maze brings a new beauty to behold. stonework.


Intense Fresno heat is as easy as descending a flight of stairs. Step down into the cool, welcoming arms of nature-shaded rooms and courtyards. Amazingly, the underground.

About Us

The Ric Forestiere family continues to research the life and times of BaldassareForestiere as evidenced by Ric Forestiere’s trip to Sicily in 1999, where he visited his late uncle’s now-deserted home town of Filari, in the Messina Province.

Who Was He ?

Baldassare Forestiere was the ingenious creator and builder of a large maze of underground rooms and passageways that he patterned after the ancient catacombs,and which can still be seen today in Fresno, California.


I had a great time with my family at the Forestiere Historical Center. The stonework is not something you see everyday.”

Greg M Kelton

It was a beautiful experience. I enjoyed learning about Baldassare Forestiere and felt very welcomed in this place.”

Douglas R Hedrick

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The Forestiere Underground Gardens are still owned and operated by Baldassare's nephew, Ric Forestiere,and Ric's wife, Lorraine, who have been graciously sharing the family heritage with people from around the world for nearly 40 years.